Aagna UK based content writer

I am a UK based content writer, who caters to all small and large businesses, adhering to their requirements. Holding a M.A and B.A degree in English literature, I have committed myself to practicing the nuances of the art of content writing. The services I provide are: Website Content writing, Blog/Article writing, Content editing/Proofreading and content strategy forming.

About us

Why should you work with me?

You may be able to get hold of content writers that may be able to serve you as well. Then why should you choose me above them?

  • I am known for my punctuality in turning the work in, which means that you will never have to worry about delays with me.
  • The writing style I choose is adaptable, meaning that it will sound pompous when it is supposed to and it will sound plain and simple when you want it to.
  • Along with this, every project has an unlimited free revision commitment, until your content satisfies you.


Communication is a very important part of the professional atmosphere. Verbal communication is something most people master easily, but when it comes to written communication, a professional’s help is required. If this is the help you require too, this is the right place for you.

Whether it be drafting an email or designing the content for your website; leave all your content related problems to me.

Content Writing:

The content writing services include writing anything and everything your business may need, from writing emails, blogs or articles, website content, newsletters and Much more.


Blogs are recently trending on every website, for all businesses, aiming at keeping the website active in accordance with the google algorithm. While that is one reason; staying top of the line in google searches, the other reason is that a freshly written blog generally keeps the clients, audience and buyers in touch, in the most interactive and informative way.

Website Content

A website is the firm’s means to communicate to its audience about its services and products. This makes the website content very important. As a website content writer, I know that every firm needs customised writings; with a different setting, different tone and a different style (formal, informal). Writing words is easy; but creating the right language and mood to suit them, is not.


Articles are as important as the blogs or the website content. Writing articles, while trying to get a hang of the expectations of the readers, is a difficult task. However, with my expertise, this task can be achieved with ease.

Proof-reading/Content Editing:

The services I offer also includes that of proofreading or content editing. Do you have an in house content writer but not an editor? Was the content to your website written some time ago and now requires important changes? This is where I come into the picture, attempting to make your content flawless and smooth. As a part of the editing process, I pay minute attention to the grammar and the sentence structure of the article.


Content Strategy:

Another important service provided is that of content strategy. Sometimes clients are sure of the content they want, its length, the key points covered etc. In that case my job is to write the content. In other cases, however, when the client needs an article or blog written, but has no idea where to begin strategizing from, that’s where I provide help in content strategy.

This includes discussions on his requirements, finding the right keywords to go into the content and start working on it, with mutual understanding of where this is leading us to. This is one of the key services required by entrepreneurs today, and I provide it.